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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Album of the Day: Derek and the Dominoes - Live at the Fillmore

Clapton on his own, post-Cream, rockin'. I especially like the slower version of Crossroads. What a vibe, I once called it his "voodoo" version of the track after seeing him do it in November 1986 at the Ritz,; he opened with it - great stuff. You just get into this trance listening to it.

While arguably shaky in some parts, this CD nevertheless contains some of his best post-Cream live performance.

Don't miss "Blues Power" either. The blues performances are astounding, especially "Have You Ever Loved a Woman". For you players, this is a great one to jam along with.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I'm Back!

Hello everyone, after a long hiatus, I'm back. You see, I came to a point where I felt that I said what I had to say about the state of guitar playing, but that's now over a year ago. Over the past few months, more than ever I've felt myself contemplating the days of yore, and specifically the guitar music of yore....reaching for something I guess, for the days when people played.

OK, I may be living in the past, but that was great stuff - 70's classic guitar. Found myself listening to Pat Travers Heat in the Street the other day, specifically the playing of Pat Thrall. A real shredder, you have to check out the stuff he did with Glenn Hughes in Hughes/Thrall, especially the track Muscle and Blood.

And picture this scene, a 47 year old guy (yeah, me) driving around with Robin Trower Live blasting in my car. Few have a better vibrato.

Checked out Paul Kossoff again too... talk about vibrato.

So, let's get the discussion going again, and talk guitar. Any takers?

Chime in guys...